Core Values

As a not-for-profit organization since 2006, Clay Family Policy Forum has encouraged a pro-family culture that makes Clay County unique and sought after by families who choose to call it home.

Clay Family Policy Forum Core Values
A family with core values

Core Issues

• Sanctity of Human Life
• Freedom of Religion: Speech, Distribution of Literature, Use of Public Facilities
• Parental Rights: Education of their children
• Governmental: Involvement Support of Families
• Public Education: Abstinence-Based Sex Education
• Definition of Marriage: One Man and One Woman


Marriage should be defined as between one man and one woman.


The impact and burden of taxes upon families should be considered when passing any legislation.

Limited Government

Limited government will allow families to better meet their own needs.

Right to Life

Every person has the right to life.


Freedom to exercise one’s faith within the community is a fundamental right.


Parents should have the choice to opt their children out of any class they feel contradicts their family’s values or beliefs.


Homosexuality should not be considered an alternative lifestyle equal to marriage.


Opposition to any expansion of gambling is based on protecting families from the potential hardships of such activity.


Creationism has a scientific basis and should also be taught in public school.

Sex Education

Sex education should conform to the values of the community, should be age appropriate and should emphasize the healthy choice of abstinence outside of marriage.